Monday, April 10, 2017

For Wednesday

Monday audio.

We continue with Younger. What effect might an injunction in the federal cases brought by Steffel or Doran have on the pending state proceedings and why was that effect not sufficient to trigger "Our Federalism" concerns? How is Miranda different? When else will an injunction not trigger Younger, outside of the four exceptions?

We then turn to Rooker-Feldman, which is alternately treated as abstention and as a limit on § 1331. What is the rationale for RF? In addition to the problems presented, consider whether RF should bar this lawsuit challenging a "gag order" issued by a state trial-court judge.

Then do the Abstention Review, looking at Puzzle § 6.17 and the complaint in Marie v. Moser.

Just in case, prepare Remedies: Introduction; we may get to some basic principles at the end. That means Panel II should be ready to go.