Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Panels (Final)

Here is the revised info on the Panels. Everyone is on three panels and can write Commentaries on any two of those topics.

Panel I:
Brenda Bretas
Christian Cantos
Alexis Hanson
Cori Varsallone

Panel II:
Shannon Crosby
Gabriella Del Castillo
Simone Graff
Tucker Pryor

Panel III:
Tal Knight
Amber Plugge
Melanie Velazuez
Jonathan Weiner

Under Color: Panel I
Rights, Privileges, and Immunities: Panel II
Claims against Federal Officials: Panel III
Individual Immunity: Panel I
Municipal/Supervisory Liability: Panel II
Eleventh Amendment/State Sovereign Immunity: Panel III
Procedure: Panel I
Abstention: Panel II
Remedies: Panel III