Wednesday, November 30, 2016


As discussed in the Syllabus, we will work with panels of 3-4 students who are "on call" for each subject

Given the size of the class, we will work with two panels of four students, who will rotate subjects. The number and size of the panels, as well as the organization of topics, may change if class enrollment increases. We will know more on January 9.

For now, the panels are as follows:

Panel I:
Brenda Bretas
Cori Varsallone
Christian Cantos
Alexis Hanson

Panel II:
Shannon Crosby
Simone Graff
Gabriella Del Castillo
Amber Plugge
Tucker Pryor


Under Color of Law/State Action: Panel I (be prepared to be on in the last part of the first class)
Rights, Privileges, and Immunities: Panel II
Claims Against Federal Officials: Panel I
Immunity: Panel II
Municipal/State/Supervisory Liability: Panel I
Procedure: Panel II
Abstention: Panel I
Remedies: Panel II